Why Your Marketing Consultant’s Pedigree Matters

Hiring a marketing consultant based on the power of her sales pitch is akin to hiring an airplane pilot based on how sharp her uniform looks. This limited amount of information provides you with little to no idea of whether this person can actually help your business soar.

Unfortunately, too many small to midsize companies make this very mistake, hiring marketing consultants without first taking a close look at their credentials and pedigree. In fact, quite a few of our current clients hired us to help them rebound from consultants who did not live up to their slick sales pitches.


For example, before working with TBGA, one of our clients hired a senior marketing consultant who used his fun, personable attitude to win them over. However, once it came time to get to work, it turned out he was not the right fit for them.

Our client’s entrepreneurial environment required a consultant who could establish metrics, set priorities based on ROI, push his priorities throughout the organization, and most importantly execute on the plan — and this gentleman was in over his head. He always seemed to be working hard, but in the end, it turned out that he was just spinning everyone’s wheels. There were no quantifiable results to speak of.

The consultant was frustrated, the client was disappointed, and neither party walked away happy. Although we were grateful to have an opportunity to fix the resulting mess, we want you to get it right on the first try.

Pedigree Matters

Ivy League MBAs, previous jobs at blue chip companies, firm handshakes — these should never be the sole reason you hire a consultant. Pedigree is not about any experience; it is about the right experience.

You need to make sure a candidate’s experience will dovetail into your unique needs. If you do not know exactly what you need, you should hire a consultant who can help you identify them.

At the very least, your consultant should have experience working at companies that resemble your own, carrying out tasks similar to the ones you have in store, and delivering the real-life results you want to see.

When looking at a candidate’s track record, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has this person ever spearheaded the launch of a new business or product line?
  • Does this person typically have access to a large budget and team, or is he or she an expert at maximizing minimal resources?
  • Has this person ever built and led a marketing team, or does he or she typically work in isolation?
  • How does he or she measure success?

Our roster of marketing experts is deep and diverse. Some of us have held senior leadership roles.


We are a hands-on team of collaborators; no one at Trailblaze gives advice from the sidelines. We know that your specific goals require specific solutions, so at the start of our relationship, we dive in and embed ourselves into your business.

From there, we are constantly in pursuit of perfection. We always strive to be on the cutting edge, proactively seeking new research, new technology angles, and new information. We utilize modern-day tools and tactics that will help us deliver the results you desire.

Best of all, we back up our talk. We set clear objectives. If we do not meet those objectives, it is probably because we have exceeded them.


We at Trailblaze Growth Advisors provide more than a savvy sales pitch; we provide proven marketing expertise that will help accelerate your growth. If you are searching for a consultant who is a passionate, determined problem solver with a proven track record of success, contact us today for a one-hour consultation.


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