Add value and get more from your digital marketing efforts with TBGA.

Increase your ROI with a team that understands how to create tailored digital marketing campaigns that drive meaningful results.

We use technology, insights, and analysis to create and execute digital marketing campaigns that matter. Get to know your customer and audience segments. Hit those benchmarks and exceed set KPIs. We do the work to help you activate your customers with the right mix of data, design, and technology. Contact TBGA to start on your digital marketing journey today.

Rely on our experts for benchmarks, strategy, and analysis as you expand your digital footprint. Drive traffic and improve customer lifetime value with digital marketing strategy and campaigns from TBGA.

Win, Serve and Retain with Social

Where do you find your audience? Potential customers are on a variety of social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Are you?

TBGA works with you to identify which social media channels can help you attract and engage with your ideal customer. Social media campaigns ensure consistent messaging to elevate a brand and can complement traditional marketing efforts. TBGA gets you social — with more followers, conversations, and conversions — with:

  • Search marketing/PPC
  • Contextual and display marketing

Your digital marketing campaign can use social to gain visibility. Get front and center with new potential customers.

Continue the Conversation With Email

From growing your email list to improving CTRs, our team has the experience to keep targeted audiences engaged. We work with you to create and fine-tune email marketing efforts. Carefully crafted email campaigns can support the goals of your campaign strategy and lead to repeat customers. Nurture those initial visitors as they move toward conversion. Your digital campaign strategy can benefit from:

  • Email campaigns that educate and strengthen your brand
  • Testing and optimization to speak to your audience

Consistently demonstrate that you understand your customers' beliefs and values by sharing information to help them make better decisions. Give your customers special offers, invite them to events, and grow a loyal following.

Get Seen With SEO

You hear the buzzwords, but what do you really know about SEO? Search engine optimization, or SEO, can help your audience find you on Google, Bing and more. You need to be on the first page of search engine results because that is where your customer will start looking for answers to their questions. SEO-optimized content, images and video can get you there. SEO can get you ahead of the competition and help your audience find what they need. On-page and off-page SEO paired with inbound and outbound links and other digital marketing efforts can:

  • Increase your visibility
  • Drive traffic
  • Feed your funnel

Build lasting relationships to grow your business when you align organizational vision and goals with your digital marketing efforts.

Our award-winning experts share practical advice and the latest trends.

General Assembly

The Client.

General Assembly

The Story.

General Assembly was investing in its Enterprise business. We helped build their Enterprise marketing strategy, onboard their in-house marketing team and provided guidance on the Enterprise marketing curriculum.

The Outcome.

Within three months, TBGA set the marketing strategy, prioritized tactics, established marketing KPIs, and trained the marketing team to execute against the plan. Our digital marketing experts also provided guidance for the curriculum of its Digital Marketing Online Learning Program.

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